Thinking Feeling schedule

Friday March 14th

York University, Schulich School of Business
 E112 – room 1
S124 – room 2
S126 – room 3

10:15 Room 1, Opening remarks

10:45 -11:45 Room 1: Thinking Thinking Moderator: Lai-Tze Fan
Azedah Radbooei – Université Paris X Nanterre- Université de Montréal Double crossings of nonsense
Felix Lambert Sharing Paradoxes: the Role of Self-Contradictory Structures in Arts and Sciences
Sharday Mosurinjohn – Queens University Unraveling the Identity of the Line in Culture: Reflections on the Linear, the Temporal, and the Mental in a Nervous Present
Room 2: Touching Literature  Moderator: Peter Unwin
Chloe Barker-Benfield – University at Buffalo ‘I was Roughly Roused and Obliged to Live:’ Gothic Hydropathy in Brontë’s Villette
 Shanna Mumm – University of Alberta Intuitive Bodily Synthesis of Thinking/Feeling in Bergson’s “L’intuition philosophique”: Cultivating Deeper Knowing
 Katelyn Dykstra – University of Manitoba  “Two By Two”: The Affective Potential of Alternative Kinships in Timothy Findley’s Not Wanted on the Voya
Room 3: Interacting Bodies Moderator: Jack Jamieson
Kara Stone – York University Artist Talk: Hand to Heart and Medication Meditation (Videogames)
Camille Jemelen – Concordia University Artist Talk: The Choice (Interactive Database Film and Photographs)
Tracy Stuber – University of Rochester Artist Talk: Surfacing (C-print Photographs)
12:00-1:00 Room 1: Photography: Archives, Self and Suffering Moderator: Beisan Zubi
Vanessa Fleet – York University Affect and the Archive: Self-Portrait, Text, and ‘X’
Kelly Mckenzie – University of Western Ontario “Exhibiting the S-21 Photographs: Images of Atrocity in the Gallery Space
Steph Rogerson – Ryerson University Queer Feelings & The Archive
Room 2: Institutional Unlearning Moderator: Aaron Manton
W. Dustin Parrott – University at Buffalo Charged Subjects: Controversy, “Implicit Censorship and Discursive Agency” in the Academic Politics of the Humanities Dissertation
Mairi McDermott – OISE/University of Toronto Affects of Unlearning: Entangled Attachments and Possibilities for Student Voice Pedagogies
Amanda Feder – Concordia University The Vagina Slides: A University Course in Human Sexuality in the Early 1970s
Room 3: Material Practices
Mary Grisey – York University Artist Talk: For Lethe and What Remains of the Ephemeral? (Large Scale Weavings)
James Gardner – Independent Artist Artist Talk: Ruin No. 1, Ruin No. 2 (2013), Graphite on Paper
Alison Naturale – Concordia University Artist Talk: Drive Safe/Safe Drive (Immersive Audio Visual Installation)
2:30-3:30 Room 1: Film and Subjectivities Moderator: Vanessa Del Carpio
Chelsea Olsen – Ryerson University Lost in Male Translation: Feminine Affect in Abdellatif Kechiche’s Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)
Ashley Morford – Simon Fraser University Slavery, Residential Schools, and Settler Colonialism: Exploring the Link Between Affect, Inaction, and Violence
Room 2: Bodies Moderator: Graham MacLean
Emily Maple – University of Toronto The Viewing Body: from Minimalism into 21st Century Installation Art
Sandy Wells – University of British Colombia Feeling for Sport: Female Athletic Bodies and the Cultural Politics of Emotion
3:45-4:45 Room 1: Queer Feelings Moderator: Melanie Patenaude
Caitlin Campisi – OISE/University of Toronto Teen television, queerness and affect: Youth engagement with Pretty Little Liars’ Emily Fields
Alexander Vasilovsky and Skye Fitzpatrick – Ryerson University Lacanian discourse analysis and affect theory: Exploring “shame/masculine compensation” and “embodied queer resistances”
Matthew Halse – University of Western Ontario The New Precarity: Affective Shifts and the Normalization of HIV
Room 2: Excess Moderator: Beisan Zubi
Niki D’Amore – York University Thinking[]Feeling: Binging on alternative affection
Anna Pringle – Concordia University Detroit: Ruin Porn and Affective Archeology
Anders Wallace – CUNY Graduate Center The Seduction Community: Pickup Artists, Prosthetic Intimacy, and the Reconstruction of White Heterosexual Masculinity
Room 3: Theorizing Practice
Angela Joosse – McGill University Artist Talk: Levitas (Video)
Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof – Ryerson University Artist Talk: This Town of Toronto (16mm Film)
Kelly Egan – Ryerson University Artist Talk: Into the Light (16mm Film, Performance) and mary/me (16mm Film)
5:00-6:00 Room 1 Space, Senses, and Digital Art Moderator: Amanda Piche
Andie Shabbar – University of Western Ontario Multi-Sensory Aesthetics, Affect, and Queer Digital Art
 Chloe H Johnson – York University Networked Memories: Mobile Device Art, Affect, and the Aestheticization of Public Space
Ann Whittal – University of Toronto Virtual Play in the Art Gallery:
 The Affective Potential of Video Games
Room 2: Feeling Structures: Rethinking Raymond Williams Moderator: Hannah Tough
Abdulrehman – University of Manitoba The Politics of Place Making: New Urbanism and the Dangers of Nostalgia
Sameera Abdulrehman – University of Manitoba Policing Bodies: The Effect of Police Kettlings on the Citizen Body
Katherine Thorsteinson – University of Manitoba Life Sentences: Experiencing Time through the Narrative Structure of Prison Memoirs
Room 3: Reframing Narrative
Amanda Feder – Concordia University Artist Talk: The Vagina Slides (Video)
Frédérique Dalia Bournot – York University Artist Talk: White Noise (Video)
Taien Ng-Chan – Concordia University Artist Talk: Detours – Poetics of the City (Multimedia Website)
6:00-9:00 Cross Sections  Opening Reception Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre (MLC)
111 Gerrard Street East, Main Floor

Saturday March 15th

Ryerson University, Mattamy Athletic Centre
Room 1 – Eggy’s Summit
Room 1 – Blue and Gold Room
Room 3 – the Bunker
9:30 – 10:30 Room 1: The Sound of Affect Moderator: Niomi Cherney
Catherine Willshire – York University Listening with our Eyes: Exploring the Visuality of Performative Gesture in Western Art Music
Adam Zendel – University of Toronto Living the Dream: Emotional Labour in the Live Music Industry
Bambitchell – University of Toronto Sounding the Border: Staging Intimate Mobilities in the Art of Bambitchell
Room 2: The Philosophy of Affect Moderator: Natalja Chestopalova
Ronald Rose – Université Paris VIII and Concordia University Thought in Propulsion:
 Toward a Compositionist Politics
Ana Ramos – Université de Montréal On consciousness and the place of affectional facts in experience
Martin McCallum – McGill University Sentiments of Longing: Nostalgia as Arche-Passion in Rousseau’s Émile, Confessions and Rêveries
Room 3: Deconstructing Action
Gabriella Solti – University of Western Ontario Artist Talk & Workshop: Geometric Laughter (Spatialized Immersive Soundscape)
Helene Vosters – York University Artist Talk: Unravel: A meditation on the warp and weft of militarism (Performance, Textile)
10:45 – 11:45 Room 1: Feeling Furry Moderator: Kelsey Speakman
Kelsey Speakman – York University The Chicken Connection: Challenging Anthropocentrism in Academia
Aidan Dahlin Nolan – York University Crowdsourcing a Homegrown National Park: Portaging Garrison Creek
Marjan Verstappen – Ontario College of Art and Design Bedfellows: Botanical Illustration for Bees
Room 2: The Psyche Moderator: Natalja Chestopalova
Kyle D Catto – York University Pondering the Paramilitary Death Drive: Desire, Violence, and Northern Ireland’s Troubles
John Nyman – University of Western Ontario “The Nonconceptual Structure of Repetition and Anxiety: Affect through Kierkegaard and Freud”
Benjamin Winokur – Wilfred Laurier University The Fruits of Folk-Psychology: A Defense of Desire as Phenomenal Qualia
 Room 3
Thinking Cinema Moderator: Steph Rogerson
Adam Szymanksi – Concordia University Melancholy Cinema: Making Depression Felt
Nikka Rotas – OISE/University of Toronto Thinking Cinema with Deleuze: Movement and the affection-image
Spencer Mackoff – University of Toronto Is Slavoj Zizek the Real Dr. Oblivion?
MLC: Gallery Tour
Cross Sections Exhibition Gallery walk-through with the curators Modern Literature and Culture Research Centre (MLC)
111 Gerrard Street East, Main Floor
12:00-1:00 Room 1: Movement Building and Change Moderator: Ximena Griscti
Anabel Khoo – York University The Emergent Political: Movement Building with Two-Spirit, Queer and Trans People of Colour Media
Sara Shamdani – York University To Reach Out and Touch: Aesthetics and the potential forces of affect
Tesni Ellis – York University Thinking, Feeling, and Re-Presenting Young Motherhood: Media- Making at Youville Centre
Room 2: Affective Technology Moderator: Robbie Pluto
Dan Browne – Ryerson University Affective Readings: Voice Recognition, Text-to-Speech Software and Secondary Orality
Victor Cirone – Independent Scholar Development: The Colonization of the Future and Memory
Taien Ng-Chan – Concordia University Detouring the Map
Room 3: Affecting Art  Moderator: Kelsey Speakman
Ruben Yepes Munoz – University of Rochester Sublime Affects: Representations of Horror and Violence in Colombian Contemporary Art
Rebecca Salazar – University of New Brunswick “And tame things/ Have no immensity”: Embodying Language in the Poetics of Mina Loy
Caitlin Durlak – Ryerson University His Sight: The Impaired Artist and Self Expression Through Collaborative Filmmaking
2:30-3:30 Room 1: Borders and Belonging Moderator: Hannah Tough
Aaron Gordon – York University The trouble with feeling at home in Canada’s post-colonial archives
Azar Masoumi – York University In Her (Absent)-Hybrid- Presence: A Queer Diasporic Reading of Amitis Motevalli
Bojan Baca – York University For They Know Not What They Do: Bringing (Unconscious) Enjoyment Back Into Nationalism Studies
Room 2: For Love and Money: A Dialectic Exploration of Craft Labour Moderator: Loren Aytona
Paula John – York University A Labour of Love: The Political Economy of Craft
Thea Fitz-James She Works Hard for The Money: An Encounter with the Needle
Room 3: Narratives Reframed
Ronak Ghorbani Nejad – York University Artist Talk: She “came from faraway, farther than the furthest” (Zine and Audio Recording)
Rehab Nazzal – University of Western Ontario Artist Talk: A Night at Home (Video)
Maziar Ghaderi, OCAD University
& Ariel Balevi, Independent Artist
Artist Talk: Havabazi Avesta – Virtual amplification of spontaneous hand gestures as embodied articulation in performance art
3:45-4:45 Room 1: Homonationalism and Queer Citizens Moderator: Boké Saisi
Nael Bhanji – York University Trans Necropolitics: Terrorism, Vigil/ance, and the Affective Geopolitics of Transsexual Memorialization
Derrick Chang – University of British Colombia Close Encounters: Queering Citizenship – an examination of curatorial intention
Room 2: Performance and Embodiment: The Production of Fashion
Moderator: Alison Matthews-David
Emma Thompson – York University Fashion and Disability: Negotiating Identities through Personal Dress
Rebecca Halliday – York University “The Feeling You Only Derive From Being There”: The Production and Mediation of Affect in the Fashion Show Tent
Aidan Moir – York University Embodying Aspiration: The Politics of Affective Labour in Consumer Culture’s Branded Identities
Jason Wang – York University Recasting Gent: Men’s Fashionable Consumption at the Turn of the Century
Alanna Mcknight – Ryerson University Damsels in This Dress: Female Agency and the Demise of the Corset.
Room 3: Performance Art Moderator: Kara Stone
Adriana Disman – York University  a still life
5:30-7:30 KEYNOTE by JASBIR K. PUAR Rogers Communication Centre, Electric Theatre
8:30-1:00 Film Screening + Party! Bento Miso, 862 Richmond St.

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